This is a blog documenting my life and my wanderings. It includes work projects and explorations into the wild places my journey takes me. The trip starts in Central California, moves to Los Angeles, Boston, Kosovo, Serbia.

Street Art for Climate Change from James Stodgel on Vimeo.

This is a brief video explaining how I believe we can best begin to address climate change in Northern New Mexico. I think that it would be amazing to get Northern New Mexico’s most talented street artists and muralist to put their minds together and come up with creative visual productions that explain, educate, and empower communities across the region to deal with climate change. The youth is the future and we are the ones who will make a difference to ensure a sustainable and healthy reality for all!

The Kindle Project (kindleproject.org) is looking for the regions best ideas related to preparing ourselves for the upcoming challenges associated with an increasingly dry and hot world.

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The final images of the connection between the river and the city!  Super happy with the results of this project!   

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The Blog that Follows the Build! →

This is the blog created by Albanian, Serbian and German students documenting the construction of Only Great Design’s “Culture Shack” in Belgrade Serbia.  The photos give a glimpse into the feeling and essense of creating architecture in the Balkans with the help of an international student build team!  Thanks for all the help guys!

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Construction photos of the build with students from Albania, Serbia, and Germany all busting out, learning, sweating and giving it their all!  Also super big shoutouts to Zelco and Neser for helping knock this one out!

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